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Home of the ‘Weegies’, Glasgow, Scotland

You are on your way to the airport, train station or bike. Your mind tingles with the excitement of the upcoming voyage that appears in front of you. How to maximize it?

Listen to tunes to get you in the mood to make you feel jazzed to squeeze every fun moment out of your trip.

Don´t leave them on around people you could talk to. Always put the phone down and take out the plugs to allow another human in your vicinity to possibly communicate with you like people have been doing for millions of years. Why break that tradition?

What to say?

You are both on a plane soon. ‘ Where are you off to, today?´Just like you, everyone is eager to share their destination. Some with regret and some loving it.

See what anyone in your area you deem interesting to talk to, has to share. Chances are they will whinge about how their flight is late or how they spilled a cup of coffee on their Ipad. I avoid the temptation to commiserate and share their woes. Why let your trip be bummed out and let theirs get them down? There is ALWAYS some sort of benefit that comes out of a mishap, delay or bad meal. Sometimes it doesn’t appear until much later…but it does happen so, look for the silver lining and keep your eye on your departure time and cheer them up with a happy tale or joke. You both will feel better and you have a new friend.


Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport

Window seat not over the wing is my mantra since I was five. If you are highly-prepared, you know the flight plan and adjust which side of the plane you want to maximize your view. If you gotta pay extra for  a wing seat online, if the flight isn´t full, I´d wait till I got to the airport. Get there early and ask if there are any window seats. If not…wait till the boarding gate and let the agent ahead know you want one.

If you get onboard and it doesn´t look full, keep your seat and wait til they close the cabin door. Then… if they are free, either move there or ask. After all that if you don´t get the window…pull out your book. As they say in New York: ‘It´s just too bad!’.


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